I now know why Koreans have such beautiful skin….

This weekend I was actually busy! That was new and enjoyable. Again, (thanks to Facebook) I was able to get invited to a movie night. The person who hosted it, is in the military, but most everyone else there were teachers like me.  The guy who hosted the party has a huge, gorgeous condo. He lives off of the same subway line that I do, but on the other side of downtown, which is considered the more ritzy area. He lives on the 24th floor of a nice apartment building.  One whole wall is windows. Great view! Looking out the window at the city, I could have been anywhere. That was kind of a neat realization that I was so far away, but if I had been in a tall building in downtown San Diego, New York, or Chicago, my view probably would have been very similar. Bright lights, and lot’s of people out.

The group was a very nice mix of everybody. Americans, Canadians, British and Koreans.  There was no shortage of English speakers for a change though. We watched Blade Runner which is a classic. I’ve seen it before…but, this movie, just really loses me. I’m shocked I didn’t fall asleep considering my comfy spot on a couch and a few glasses of wine.  We actually had a full on discussion after the film was over. I’m not a sci-fi girl, but generally speaking I can pick up subtleties here and there.  Other people were bringing up things that had never even crossed my mind – like Harrison Ford’s character really was one of the robot people and, I don’t know. I just couldn’t get into it I guess. It was enjoyable to try though. Daryl Hannah is in it as well. She’s a robot…I think. There are so many scenes where Daryl’s make-up is all messed up and she’s dressed in all of these ridiculous get-ups, but she’s still just so attractive. She does a good job in her role. And of course Harrison Ford, who I don’t think anyone in their right mind doesn’t love – but I don’t think i’ll watch the film again regardless of the strong cast.

Saturday, my friend Danielle and one of her friends came up from Busan, then we met up with a new teacher, Jennifer who is one of Danielle’s friends, and the women who is all but one of our recruiters. Her name is Julie, and she took us out to lunch. It was good to see her again. She is such a sweet woman, and I imagine it was neat for her to get to meet up with all of these people she’s successfully gotten over here, who are employed and happy.  After lunch we went to the top of this tower in Daegu and looked at the view. I can’t say it was all that pretty, but it was worth it to go up so high and see the city sprawl below.

The next day, the four of us went to a Jimjilbang (Korean bath house)and yes, everyone is naked. For some reason though, because everyone is naked it’s not that big of a deal.  You’re just in this big room with tons of baths to choose from. Before you get in the baths, you shower with soap, so everyone is very clean when they get into the baths. They’re all mineral water and heavenly to sit in. Some are hot, some are warm, and some are cold. We spent a couple hours just lounging. If you want to pay a little extra, you can get scrubbed with a luffa. It kind of hurts, b/c they scrub hard but your skin feels amazing after. They scrub your whole body, and then slather you in baby oil. When you rinse it off and dry your skin, it’s so soft and refreshed. The entry fee, and a scrub costs less than $40.00 American dollars and there’s no time limit.  When you arrive you get a pair of cloth jammies so that if you happen to come with someone of the opposite sex, there is a room where men and women can talk, or you can go to a nap room, and take a nap 🙂 We didn’t do that b/c we didn’t have time, but that would been an awfully nice end to spending a couple hours in the bath room.

On Sunday night, I had dinner with my Korean teacher friends. Fortunately, I’ve come to actually like some types of Kimchi. She is vegetarian, so we had cooked Kimchi and tofu. It was very good. We also had Makoli, which is another version of rice liquor, but I like it much more than Soju. you can add cider to it, which cuts down on the rice taste. Then she came over to my house, and we had some wine and chocolates from my very generous Christmas gifts!  She is a lot younger than me, and b/c her English is so good, we can have great conversations. She is very open and so bright. We discussed our very different childhoods of going to school, American culture, and Korean culture. It was a lovely way to end the nice weekend.

This weekend, I am going to visit my friend Jane in Busan. Maybe it will be warmer there….It hasn’t snowed again though.

Thank you for your comments, and sharing my experience with me. Miss you all.


About Chopstick Mentor

My name is Heather and I am currently living abroad. I am spending two months on the road in South East Asia! I'm Sooooo Excited!
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2 Responses to I now know why Koreans have such beautiful skin….

  1. Liz says:

    Hey Heath,
    Sounds like you are having fun and are staying busy which is good. I should be around for the most part this week, let me know if you have time to talk.

  2. erika says:

    sounds amazing!

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